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International Women's Day 2015: Thousands of female migrants forced into prostitution in Italy every year

By Ludovica Iaccino

Every year thousands of female migrants from all over the world are forced into prostitution as soon as they reach Italy.

Women and girls spend their nights on the streets across the peninsula and, sometimes, also work in apartments that they are not allowed to leave.

Often beaten and generally mistreated, these unfortunate women can have the money they generate taken from them by their procurers, under threat to them, or often to their families back in their countries of origin, if they refuse to work or seek to escape.

Rosanna Paradiso is the president of the Italy-based Tampep, an NGO that promotes the human and civil rights of migrants and migrant sex workers. She believes every year thousands of women and girls are kidnapped and smuggled into Italy and other European countries and forced into sex slavery of one form or another.

"There are kidnappings aimed at providing prostitutes," she told IBTimes UK."These women and girls become slaves. In some cases - such as the ones involving Albanian women - they are kidnapped by their boyfriends who convince them to go to Italy and then force them to become prostitutes."

Click here for the full article in International Business Times.

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