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Financed by: European Commission - DG Justice, Freedom and Security

Lead organization: TAMPEP Association

Partners: Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes (IT), Penelope Association (IT), Humanitas Association (NL), Nea Zoi Association (GR)


  • This project was funded under the preparatory actions to support the efforts of EU Member
    States in improving their return policies of illegal immigrants.

    The beneficiaries of Turnaround were Nigerian women who had been illegally residing in the EU project partner countries and who were about to return to Nigeria as a result of their own voluntary choice (voluntary repatriation) or, more frequently, as a result of an expulsion measure (deportation). This project was operating during the most tricky phases of the pre-repatriation process and the reintegration process immediately upon return to Nigeria.

    Action taken in Europe included information campaigns and staff trainings in detention centers (CIE) and Embassies to raise awareness regarding the condition of Nigerian trafficked
    women, and to develop a stable international network of NGOs and institutions involved
    in the reintegration of repatriated women with a shared spirit of respect for human

    Action taken in Nigeria aimed to support to the local network of NGOs and to cooperate with the Special Anti Trafficking Task Force established by the Nigerian government (NAPTIP), with the goal of improving the organizational and hosting capabilities of the local institutions in order to offer a better return and social reintegration for the victims of trafficking.
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