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TAMPEP started out as a small group in Turin, Italy in 1993. It carried out local research and outreach as part of a international project of action-based research that was developing and sharing new strategies and ways of working with migrant sex workers, in order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS.


On July 23, 2001, the official TAMPEP Association was born by becoming an independent association. Ever since, our goal has been to promote respect for the rights and dignity of vulnerable people - both Italian and foreign, against social discrimination and towards integration, to contribute in the reduction of criminality resulting from social discrimination.


We have a special focus on women, not only as they are more frequently the targets of violence, social and economic discrimination and abuse, but also because they act as the initiators of positive change and development within the family and broader community, building and re-building healthy and equal social structures.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Management Board:

  • President: Giovanna Piera Viale

  • Vice president: Enrica Casetta

  • Advisor: Serena Medici

You can download our     CHARTER              and                                                                           in Italian 


Our work methodology is based on the following principles:

  • Tailored support: the Association carries out interventions indentified through direct participation with our clients according to the specific needs and abilities of each individual.

  • Empowerment: the Association believes that each person can be the master of their own destiny. For this reason, our interventions encourage the client to build self-esteem and the ability to choose for themselves.

  • Protection of rights: the Association aims to protect the rights of each individual, and believes that these rights are inherently interconnected with a responsibility for civic duties and a respect of social values.

  • Feasibility check: The actions we implement require a balance between client expectations and  wishes, and the realistic opportunities that exist within the social context, given the available resources.


Moreover, since we are aware that Italy is strongly affected by population movements, while the overall goal of our work is to promote a social integration process for marginalized people, a prerequisite to all our interventions is our belief in the importance of intercultural dialogue, which we consider a key tool to ensure social cohesion and relative political stability in multicultural societies.

Our team

The following professionals operate in the Association:

  • Social workers: Juliette Vigliotti, Sophie Brunodet, Monica Rossi, Serena Medici

  • Cultural-Linguistic Mediators: Jennifer Enabosi

  • Attorney: Enrica Casetta 

  • Research and Networking Officers: Giovanna Piera Viale, Caterina Cariola, Serena Medici

  • Trainers: Giovanna Piera Viale, Sophie Brunodet

  • Civil Servants: Francesca Brunori, Alessandra Vegis

Volunteers and interns from different academic and geographical contexts also support our work, with the aim of promoting intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation. To this end, the Association has signed an agreement with University of Turin - Degree in Social Work, and Enaip Piedmont - Training Services Centre.

Since 2006, TAMPEP has also hosted volunteers from the Italian National Civil Service program. We consider it an important tool for young people's personal growth and an opportunity for education about active citizenship, which ultimately contributes to the social, cultural and economic development of our country.

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