We have always believed that in order for any support services promoting integration to be effective, they should be conducted with the active participation of all those individuals, institutions and stakeholders in anyway affected. 

For this reason, the Association has built a stable and strong network of partnerships at the local, national and transnational levels, in order to put in place  appropriate resources and solutions when addressing both local and transnational issues.

Local network


  • Carabinieri (national military police force)

  • City Police - Violence and Stalking squad

  • Prefecture of Turin

  • Prosecutor of Turin

  • Turin Police Headquarters - Immigration Office

  • Turin Police - mobile squad

The association also cooperates on a regular basis with other Municipalities and police stations in the Turin metropolitan area.


Social services network:

  • Social Welfare Services Division - Foreigners, Migrants and Adults in difficulty sector

  • Social Welfare Services Division - Disabled Persons sector

  • Social Welfare Services Division - Non-EU Foreign Minors sector

  • Amici di Lazzaro Association

  • Granello di Senape Association

  • Gruppo Abele Association

  • Panta Rei Association

  • PIAM Association

  • Liberazione e Speranza Association

  • Papa Giovanni XXIII Association

  • Mother-Child call center

  • Women's Shelter Villa 5

  • Cottolengo Counseling Center

  • Oltre Cooperative

  • Agape Cooperative

  • Vincenziano Volunteer Group of Turin

  • Men's Club of Turin

  • Maschile Plurale

  • Opera Pia Barolo

  • Sermig

  • Synergica social cooperative

  • Sisters of Mother Teresa

  • Pastoral Office for Migrants of Turin


Health care network:

  • Amedeo di Savoia Hopsital of Turin - university clinic, clinic for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases

  • Dermatological Hospital S. Lazzaro of Turin - clinic for sexually transmitted diseases

  • Gynecological Hospital Sant’Anna of Turin - emergency service for sexual violence

  • Molinette Hospital – DEMETRA Center

  • Family health clinics in the local area

  • Health information drop-in centers

  • Red Cross

  • Tribune for the Rights of the Sick - local headquarters

  • Camminare Insieme Clinic

  • Mamre Psychological Assistance Center

  • Fanon Ethnopsychiatric Center

  • Mauriziano Hospital of Turin - Psychiatry clinic

  • Ser.T. (addition services)


Education network:

  • Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri (job training)

  • Regional Detention Centers of Turin and Moncalieri

  • ENAIP (job training)

  • Progetto al Femminile, Parish of the Redemer of Turin

  • UPM Italian school

  • Almaterra Association – Women's Intercultural Center of Alma Mater

  • Asai Association

  • 2PR Association


Employment network:

  • Coldiretti

  • Compagnia delle Opere

  • Confcooperative

  • Consorzio RI.SO

Tampep collaborates with various organizations and associations, police stations and the Public Prosecutor's Offices throughout the whole country of Italy in order to provide the most complete assistance possible to victims of trafficking.

National network
International network

Ever since its constitution in 2001, the Tampep Association has shared its principles and objectives with the Tampep International Foundation, a network involving organizations from 25 different European countries.


While carrying out transnational projects to which it has always been committed, Tampep Italy has also established fruitful cooperations with diplomatic missions in Italy and abroad. It has also built ties with governmental organizations in charge of fighting human trafficking (i.e. Naptip Nigeria), as well as with international agencies and organizations, particularly with UNICRI, the ILO and the IOM.


The Association takes part in various coordination and discussion boards, which it values as needed opportunities for information exchange and dialogue, and for cooperation and lobbying.



  • Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta Interregional Coordination Board Against Human Trafficking – institutional working group that works to fight humn trafficking and carries out interventions to protect victims

  • Provincial Citizen's Anti-Violence Against Women Working Group

  • COP – Consortium of Piedmont NGOs

  • Associations' Forum in District 7 of the City of Turin

  • GR.I.S. Piemonte

  • Provincial Working Group Against Human Trafficking

  • Adults in Difficulty Working Group of the City of Turin

  • Migrants and Foreigners Working Group of the City of Turin



  • National Anti-Trafficking Platform

  • National Focal Point

  • RIRVA (informational network on voluntary assisted return to migrants' countries of origin)